SMP For Alopecia

What is Scalp Micropigmentation?

Scalp Micropigmentation for Alopecia

Are you dealing with sudden or long-term hair loss related to alopecia areata? Are you searching for a hair restoration in Charlotte, NC that will make your hair appear full and healthy once again?Look no further than scalp micropigmentation (sometimes referred to as SMP or micro scalp pigmentation). This is an amazing solution that is catching on among support groups for alopecia sufferers of all ages. Both men and women of every age are successfully using SMP to deal with:

Bald spots   •   Receding hairline   •   Thinning hair   •   Patchy hair   •   Complete balding

You can put scalp micropigmentation to work for you at New Level Aesthetics in Charlotte, North Carolina. Our team offers solutions for all types of patients, including both men and women. No matter who you are, we can help you look your best.

How does it work for women?

How does it work?

What Is Alopecia?

Alopecia areata is an autoimmune disorder that causes the sudden or gradual disappearance of hair from the body. It affects roughly 6.8 million people in the United States alone. Currently, there is no cure for alopecia. However, there are treatments that can help people deal with the effects of hair loss. SMP is one such treatment!

Scalp micropigmentation is a bit like a tattoo, with results that are like the best hair transplant options on the market today in the Charlotte, NC area. Using super thin needles, our professional simulates hair follicles in areas of the scalp where hair has fallen out. If you’re fully bald, you’ll look like you’ve simply chosen to shave your head, which will give you a clean, sharp and professional look. After treatment, your hair appears fuller and totally natural – even from a close distance!

3 Reasons to get Scalp Micropigmentation

3 Reasons to get Scalp Micropigmentation

You’ll Bring Back A Youthful Look

You Can Ditch The Hat

Losing your hair from alopecia can prematurely age you. With SMP, you’ll look like you have a young, healthy head of hair once again.

You’ll Fill Out What’s Missing

You’ll Love The Confidence

YYou may not be able to reclaim your original hair, but you can enjoy the look of a full head of hair once again, one free of bald spots or patchy areas.



New Level Aesthetics makes it simple and affordable to look and feel your absolute best through the miracle of SMP.

Are there any side effects for alopecia?

Are there any side effects for women?

There are very few side effects to scalp micropigmentation

There are very few side effects to scalp micropigmentation

Beyond some possible redness initially. Special techniques are used to guarantee there is no pigment bleeding like with typical tattoos. The technique is not intrusive nor difficult, and can be completed in a short amount of time! You’ll have fuller-looking hair and an entirely new you more quickly than you ever thought possible.

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